Behaviour, Learning and Teaching Modules (BLT)
These professional learning modules were developed in a collaborative project between the Department of Education & Training and the University of Newcastle in 2007 as part of the Australian Government Quality Teaching Program (AGQTP). Each topic offers a 2 hour comprehensive professional learning program for teachers and schools that incorporates features of Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL), Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI), Positive Partnerships and Restorative Practices.

Module topics:
  • Module 1: Individual and systems approach to behaviour support
  • Module 2: Behaviour continuum – Disruptive and non-compliant behaviours
  • Module 3: Behaviour continuum – Aggressive, defiant and violent behaviours
  • Module 4: Bullying
  • Module 5: School, home and community partnerships
  • Module 6: Mental health
  • Module 7
    • Option 1: Challenging behaviours and special needs
    • Option 2: Behaviour in early childhood and primary
    • Option 3: Behaviour in adolescence
  • Module 8: Bringing the issues full circle.

All facilitator notes and delivery resources are available via the following link:

A further training resource has been developed using content from the first 3 BLT Modules. This training is entitled “Learning, Behaviour and Engagement” and has been offered as a 6 hour workshop during Term 3 (and possibly Term 4) 2013.

Learning Behaviour and Engagement Training Power Point

LBE Participant Handout